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With more than a decade of experience, Nembono Media relies on “out of the box” strategies and ideas in the space of online marketing, event management and media planning to serve its clients. We help clients achieve the desired business results well within the optimal budget and are looking forward to getting additional expertise on board to take the business aspirations further together.

Join the Nembono Family and be part of a team that shares responsibilities, challenges, hard work and fun in an dynamic environment.


Each and every employee of Nembono Media is our vital family member. We as a family take care of the “entire” you and make sure you keep healthy – physically, financially, emotionally and socially. The dedication and performance you showcase towards your work will gift you benefits in unimaginable ways!

Diverse-Dynamic Culture

We that Nembono promise a place that brings together smart, talented, ambitious and hard-working individuals from different walks of life to form a team, become a family, help each other and our clients achieve their objectives. We let employees express themselves well within the company norms, and this makes us a diverse dynamic culture.

Explore Yourself

It is the team members that make Nembono a great place to work at and work with. We don’t just look forward to your contributions related to work, but also make sure you explore your hidden skills and widen your potential.