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Should Building Brands with Big Thoughts take the lead over generating Instant Profits?

Reflecting deep into the world today, it’s easy to see why brands are more important now than any time in the past several decades. “Brand” is a psychological factor. It brings together a promise mark that customers love associating themselves with. Brands are valuable and outlive products. Brands comes as an encapsulation of quality, credibility and experience. So if you are kickstarting a business, you need to construct ideas around brand building than straightaway rushing towards generating instant profits. The ultimate aim of each and every business entity is to generate higher ROI. But it is the brand’s “WOW” factor that promises promising returns on the long run.


Brand – A Business’s Unique Fingerprint

Knowingly or unknowingly, we are all identified in a particular way in our community. We all have a brand value, both professional and personal. Our personal brand defines how we are identified as an individual. On the other hand, our professional brand explains how we are recognised as part of a specific profession. In almost all cases, an individual is examined collectively in terms of both brand values. The same factor falls into place for a business as well. Building a brand is a gradual process. But its overall implications are reflected in the profit margins.

Concentrating more on profit generation without thinking much about the brand building process can backfire. When establishing a brand, the following factors need to be considered:

Brand Identification

A company needs to decide how they want to present themselves to their own company and other businesses in the world. They also need to determine key points that make them stand out from the competition and create a niche market for themselves.

Know Your Brand Value

Each and every brand is associated with its own strengths and skill sets that they would exclusively serve their customers with. It is important that businesses identify these strengths and exercise confidence in their abilities.

Build your Brand!

Identify your brand, understand your brand value and then build it with dedicated efforts. The most ideal way to learn is to get out on the field and start doing things. But make sure your actions are well-planned and strategised. Ideas that are built around creating a powerful brand is more effective than concentrating on instant profits.


Envisioning your Business the Digital Way!

“The only thing worse than being blind is having sight and no vision.” – Helen Keller.

The above-mentioned quote fits like a glove for the modern-day businesses. The companies that were once well-renowned are finding it hard to pop their heads up in this intensively competitive business world. But digital marketing and other present-day media activities have provided a glimpse of hope for several businesses to differentiate themselves. Even though the online platforms that are available to each business is wide open, it is the vision that drives them past the victory mark. In other words, it is ideal to set your target sky top, but the path to it should be well-defined.


Internet Access and Smartphone Users on the surge!

Statistics suggest that 51% of the world population has internet access. The percentage of smartphone users is roughly over 2 billion and is expected to sky-rocket in the upcoming years. These are strong reasons why businesses need to rush up to the online space. Having a website is more than just a basic identity. Besides being a platform to list the various products and services that a company provides, it also helps in meeting e-commerce requirements.

Stay where your Customers Search!

Getting your business higher up the search engine rankings for relevant queries through search engine optimisation and search engine marketing techniques are important than ever before. People search for products and services in their desktop PCs or other handheld devices. They base their decisions entirely on what they see. So having an improved online presence backed by the best inbound marketing techniques is crucial.


Tap into the Power of Social Media!

Social media has been a revelation. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram has influenced the way businesses interact with their customers as well as other businesses. In fact, social media has narrowed down the distance between businesses and customers. The potential to earn higher revenues with minimum investment is a winning social media marketing model, provided the best strategies are formulated.

The perfect marketing plan is the one that perfectly blends online advertising activities with media plans, branding, promotion and public relations. In case you are looking for the best 360-degree solution provider to uplift your business in all spheres, get in touch with us. Nembono Media makes sure that maximum ROI is earned through customised marketing strategies that require lesser than imagined marketing costs.

Opportunities in Fashion World

The Blissful Opportunities Surrounding The Majestic Fashion World!

The fashion industry is a glamorous world of models, designers, stylists, photographers and so on. The industry is filled with talents with few of them establishing themselves on a global way while others are struggling to penetrate the market. A single platform that could house both established brands as well as the blooming fashionistas will result in a dynamic platform offering creative results. It provides fashionistas to give their brand a worldwide reach and sell their offerings in an effective way. Nembono Media is a media and marketing agency that looks at attractive and affordable opportunities for fashion enthusiasts to Up their Brand game!

Responsive Website and Featured-Packed Mobile Apps

“The Face is the Index of the Mind” – is a popular saying which means your appearance defines your character. A website plays a very crucial role for a fashion brand in similar lines. However, they lack the expertise to build a website and market their grandeur in a worldly stage. Listing your offerings and Unique selling points in an artistic manner on a well-designed responsive website gets you the business numbers your service deserves. If a website serves as your entry card, a Mobile Application supports the cause. Get Apps designed specifically for your business and one that encourages communication from the customer end.

Grabbing the Media Attention!

Getting “All Eyes on you” is difficult in this influential world. Hiring a PR Agency to get the desired media attention. However, it might fall on the costlier end for most budding fashionistas. Picking the right media service providing who could script your brand in an alluring manner could get you the desired attention and the targeted business results.

Events are Magical!

Events become magical only when it is coupled with the perfect location, efficient management and on-point organisation. If a fashion brand could pick the best event management agency and bundle up the above-mentioned factors under a single roof, it could do wonders for their brand and business. Fashionistas look for grand events to showcase their brand on the grand floor and with an efficient event management team, you can expect nothing short of excellence.

Eye-Catchy Print Designs

The print designs of businesses reflect the brand as a whole. In fact, it builds the Brand Reputation of a company. Right from the colour tone, the choice of words, the quality of material used and so on, it requires an artistic and experienced eye to build your Brand on a worldly scale. For a fashion brand, the designs need to beautify their brands on a wider scale with a perfect balance of quality and budget.

Market the Digital Way!

According to statistics (source:, there are currently over 3.896 billion internet users across the world. With the declining smartphone prices and easily accessible internet connection, this number is going to grow rapidly. Statistics also suggest that people spend around 3-4 hours per day on an average on social media platforms like Facebook. Digital Marketing services offered by experienced marketing firms make sure these opportunities are tapped at the right time. For a fashion brand, digital marketing makes a lot more sense. After all, who isn’t fond of Fashion?

Looking for a single firm to build a picturesque website, provide eye-grabbing media solutions, organise result-worthy events and storm the digital world with your fashion world? Nembono Media welcomes you its world of Media and Marketing expertise!